Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meetcha Day, 3 Years Ago Today........

My little Love. I really can't believe it was 3 years ago today that me and Serena became a family! It does not feel like 3 years have past at all. When I look at these pictures I remember so well how I felt, what my thoughts were and I had no idea what life would be like in the future with this sweet girl I was meeting for the first time. I had no idea what she would be like. She has turned into the most amazing little girl.

I remember the first thing I noticed when I saw her was how she was studying the directors office. She just looked at everything and everyone so intensly and I could see the little wheels in her head turning trying to understand what was happening. Once we started to play together I noticed how interested in everything she was. She wanted to know about everything and was happy to be able to explore her new surroundings in the hallways and playroom. She was so active and into everything too. I liked that then. Not so much now, lots to clean up :)

Serena was looking for fun too. I remember she started to play games with me. She'd crawl away from me and look back to see if I was coming after her. Over and over again and she'd giggle as I chased after her. She was such a happy baby! A happy healthy baby and she was my daughter. I loved visiting her everyday and just watching her. We'd play, laugh, and then I'd just watch her again. I was so anxious to know her, love her, hug her, every single day. She won my heart after the first day. She cried when I put her back in her room. I was attached. I knew that whatever the doctor told me about her health, good or bad she was coming home with me. I couldn't live without her. It's amazing how quickly your love grows for a child.

This is the first picture that was taken of us together. She is the same but different. I love her with all of me and she makes me happy everyday. She fills my heart with so much love I could burst!
About Serena:
Serena can find anything that I'm looking for. I don't know how she does it but all I have to do is ask her where something is and she'll find it.
If Serena sees a crayon, pen or marker she needs paper. She draws pictures all the time. She thinks all paper is hers.
She likes to run the show sometimes. She has definite ideas of what she wants and doesn't want and she won't hesitate to tell you.
She is so affectionate and loving. She puts her arms around my neck and I melt. There's nothing like it! Love that baby love!
She's a shoe lover like me. She likes to wear her shoes and mine too.
She doesn't miss anything!
Make up is her new obsession. My friend Patty introduced her to lipstick and that was it. I have to put my makeup on high shelf now.
Her teacher at school says her scanning skills are really really great. She also told me Serena is very good at drawing and also likes the dress up area at school. She said she is very theatrical, which I do agree with.
She loves to play with barbie size dolls and polly pocket. She makes them have conversations with each other. I play with her too at times but I love to see her play herself. I love the conversations they have together.
She has never liked having her picture taken and still is not a fan. I do my best but she's not a poser so I have lots of snapshots.
Serena loves the water. She wants to jump in without me waiting for her. She said she's a big girl not a baby.
Serena cracks me up sometimes with her one liners. The expressions on her face really add to the comedy too. She is so silly and brings joy to our whole family. I really can't imagine my life without her. It would be so boring!
I am so blessed to be Serenas mom. I really feel honored that I was given the special gift of her. To be able to raise her, love her, and to experience who she is and know that she is my daughter is just the most amazing gift. I have wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl and I played with baby dolls. It felt so natural to me. She has given me so much in these 3 years together. My heart is full because of her.
Serena, Happy Meetcha Day my Love! You are the best and you make me happy everyday. You are such a sweetheart and I love being your mom! Lots of Kisses to you.

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Jaimie, Gena and Berik said...

It's really cool to have an extra day a year to celebrate!! Happy day! Gena